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Why to decide on plastic framed sunglasses

Author: Anilsingh
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If you've been recommended by doctors to use eyeglasses, then it's time to take a hike to your nearest optical store or take a look at on-line optical retail outlets. Once you are in these locations, online or off-line, you will be confronted with the problem of picking the best eyeglass frames because there are lots of styles, color, design and brand to choose from. Before the birth of plastic-type eyeglass frames, eyewear have mostly slim metallic frames and rounded lens that were fashionable perhaps during the Nineteenth or Twentieth centuries.
Eyeglasses can either be made of plastic material or metallic, with diverse colours, shapes and temple style. Of all these kinds, plastic material frames is most largely preferred and highly praised by the great number of eyeglass users for numerous reasons.
There are plenty of reasons why most people pick plastic frames over metallic ones. These include:
Lightweight. This benefit is very obvious. Eyeglass frames built from plastic is more lightweight compared to frames that are created from metal. Although light metals are now being utilized to produce lighter metal eyeglass frames, the plastic marketplace does not lag behind in using more light in weight materials to build more compact plastic eyeglasses frames.
Color Options: Working with metallic frames, a lot of consumers would've limited choices since metal can not be colored and if they were, their colours tend to fade faster than plastic material eyeglass frames. Plastic frames comes in lots of colors and in numerous hues too! As an example, blue eyeglasses frames available in dark blue, light blue, electric blue, aquamarine and various other colorings.
Longevity: Metal is tougher than plastic material but with Eye glass frames, you may need something more than merely durable. Spectacles are removed from the eye and put back on numerous times daily. This were places inside hand bags, pockets, table top counters and even beneath pillows. Your eyeglasses frame should be able to resist pressure, bending and frequent handling and in many instances, metallic eyeglasses are not able to do that simply because metallic eyeglasses are often too firm that they easily split.
Design selections: Metallic eyeglass frames are not generic. Of course, there are many other designs as well. However, aesthetics are pretty limited with metal eyeglass frames because color choices are limited too. Colours can be combined with plastic materials to produce more colorful eye glass frames. Plastic material can be better reshaped compared to metallic eyeglass frames because plastic can be molded effortlessly.
Inexpensive : Plastic material is practically cheaper than metal and this is a known reality. Metal, although more durable, is actually costlier because of the materials utilized to fabricate the eyewear frame.
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Present day eyeglasses marketplace does offer lots of options for its customers. There are eyeglasses frames that use both plastic and metal. The basic types of spectacles create more combinations with glass lenses and other eyeglasses elements. You're very blessed since you live in a time when fashion does not have to be sacrificed with functionality. You can correct your vision and at the same time be stylish and fashionable with your selected eyeglasses frame.

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How to Choose Beach Clothes for Women

Author: Eric Brem

Beach clothing is one of the most important thing that required while traveling beach to spend your holiday with family or friends. You will get plethora of options to choose beach wear that can be used to explore fun and will make you more comfortable, as well as other beach accessories are also need to packet, so that you can have all her bases covered from head to toe:

* Summer Hats - Wearing a hat is the best way to protect the head and face from the sun's rays. Pack of summer hats can protect you from harmful sun rays and can minimize the risk of sun burns etc.

* Bathing Suits- Make sure to research in what type of beach wear you looks gorgeous, appealing and beautiful as well. If you have plus size then selection needed more consideration. Discuss further.

* Bathing Suit Cover-ups- Make sure to have a bathing suit cover-up, it is needed to cover you once you out of water and also protect against burns, dust.

* Beach Footwear- Walking barefoot over beach seems be a great fun but when comes hygiene and safety then attention is needed. Flip Flops, water shoes or some cheap sandals are best alternative then to be barefoot. 2011 beach fashion sense includes lots of lovely pairs of flip flops as important as beach wears.

* Beach Bag- It is good to carry a handbag where you can store a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water and bathing suit cover up clothes, hats and other necessary items. It is fashionable and as well as serve your purpose.

As far as women's beach wear, it can be described in terms of fashion, style, status appealing and more. When winter gets over and summer knocks the door, markets get adored by various beach wear costumes to attract the customers. If you are women of twenties, you will get endless options to choose beach clothes for women. However it is important to make right selection of such costumes, other wise you will not be able to explore complete fun, as right beachwear, considered as an important thing to enjoy the wave of ocean. However there are many important points that should be kept in mind while making right selection of your beachwear.

Height is one of the most important things that come first. If you are a tall and luckily have a slim figure, you will get various options. It is advised to you that don't go for vertical stripe, as that will make you gangly and hence you will not able to show your hidden beauty, even though having an excellent figure. So it is very important thing that should be considered before purchasing the beachwear costumes.

Stomach; your figure much depends upon stomach. If you don't have a flat stomach, certainly your figure will not be so attractive and plus size figure is generally extra attention at times of selections of outfits. But you can flatten your stomach by making right selection of costumes that will not only help you to hide your extra size, even makes slim and gorgeous. If you are looking for suitable beachwear, you will get various options. You can use control swimsuits that will make you slim by lifting your bottom. If you are anxious to wear bikini, of course you can, by opting for short, which will also flatten your stomach by come up higher.

Busts, if you want to show your bust extra larger, you can go for swimsuit or bikini with built in padding. Apart from that various other things such as bottom size, arm, and more, are equally important while making selection.

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Beach Biltmore Beach (Women's) - California Bohemian

Consider These Beach vacationsAre you getting ready to plan a vacation but you're not sure where you want to go?
The United States has many wonderful beaches to choose from.Here are some of the top beaches in the United States:

Catalina Island is exquisite with it's blue-green water, it's vivid green vegetations and it's lovely attractions. There's plenty to do if you pack a lunch and head out on foot or on a bicycle to explore the island. When you tire of exploring the island on your own, take advantage of one of the many sightseeing tours Catalina Island has including boat rides and scenic island tours. Watch a sunset over the deep water after dining at one of the quaint cafes and restaurants.

Seaside Oregon is a world-class resort and for the vacationer looking for beaches,it has it all.
Located in the northwest, you'll find lots of sunshine for your tanning and swimming in the crystal blue water . Enjoy yourself at the arcades, movies, amusement rides and restaurants. Best of all, The attractions are all within walking distance of each other and are wheelchair accessible.
South Beach is the to party at night. Situated in Miami, South Beach has an array of clubs, bars and entertainment. If you do plan to visit the clubs by the beach, make sure to be aware that you'll need a reservation or you won't be permitted to enter.

The Hamptons on t.v. Their summertime is truly breathtakingly beautiful and comfortably hot. Its a getaway from the hustle and bustle city life. Today anyone can enjoy the beaches in the scenic areas.
Coopers Beach is by far the most popular not only for it's natural beauty of pale sand, but also for the many historic buildings you can see from the beach. This is a great place to enjoy a walk, a picnic, or another dining place. Don't miss out on this and many other remarkable beaches.

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Rampage 1163 (Women's) - Black/Smoke


Sunglasses have been around for a very long time. Before the 15th Century, sunglasses were worn by Judges in China Courts to hide any hint in their eyes. Prescription sunglasses were developed in Italy in 1430 and were later used by the Chinese Judges. In the mid 18th Century, blue and green corrective lenses were developped, beginning the use of sunglasses for correcting optical problems.

In 1730, Edward Scarlett invented hardened sidepiecesbecause there were problems in keeping eyeglasses on the nose. Glasses frames had been made from bones and metal and sidepieces began as silk strips of ribbon that looped around the ears. Benjamen Franklin's invention of bifocal lenses followed in 1780.

By 1920, sunglasses were used to protect the eyes from the sunshine. In 1930, "Foster Grants" were the first mass-produced sunglasses and they began the trend of wearing sunglasses daily.
Movie stars began wearing sunglasses to hide for fashion. Aviator glasses became popular with the actors and the public in 1940.

By the 1970's, Movie stars and fashion models impacted on the sunglasses market. Fashion designers and Celebrities put their own names on the sunglasses and everybody had to have a pair. In 2009, trendy designer sunglasses are popular still. Expensive quality designer sunglasses should be polarized to reduce the glare of sunlight reflecting on the lenses. Polarized sunglasses do their job by blocking the horizontal light reflections andby letting in the vertical light reflections.

Sunglasses for children have Diego, Dora, Princesses printed on them to attract the attention of children. Now the whole family can have cool shades for those hot sunny summer days.

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Affordable Beach Vacations in Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is the largest beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Sunny Beach is located about 30 miles from the Bourgas international airport with access to the major European cities. For travelers, getting from the airport to the resort is usually done by taxis which is affordable in this part of the country.
Sunny Beach is situated in a bay. The entire bay is about 20 km with 12 km of beaches.

Sunny Beach has been one of Bulgaria's primary holiday spots for decades. The most impressive development has been the construction of numerous apartment buildings along the beaches. The real estate boom during the last 8 years generates thousands of rental properties. These are in new buildings with modern facilities and brand new furnitures.

Apartment rentals are usually cheaper than comparable hotel rooms. Furthermore, tourists can save on meals by using the kitchens. So what can one expect to pay? Based on recent prices obtained from international holiday rental websites, a one bedroom apartment that sleeps four can be rented for about 160 euro weekly. Many apartment buildings are licensed as a three star hotel. Prices increase in the summer season during June and August but are still significantly lower than other destinations in Europe.

Buying a Home in Bulgaria

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The History of the Brazilian Bikini

Bikinis were invented in 1946 by Louis Reard. The United States shunned the bikini for over a decade, reasoning that any decent person would never wear such a thing. It was in 1957 when the United States finally adopted it. The big screen movies came next and the Bikini has been here to stay eversince.
The Brazilian Bikini is now being worn by celebrities on the big screen, changing people's perception of the more revealing swimwear. The revealing swimwear trend will continue for quite a while, as our culture opens itself more and more to the Brazilian way of sunbathing.

The cut of the Brazilian Bikini bottoms requires hair removal in places you might never have even considered before.
The Brazilian Bikini bottom has a signature cut of being very high on the hips. In the back, the three different bottoms are revealing.

The Brazilian Tops leave little to the imagination just like their bottoms. The Triangle top covers the breasts, shaped like a triangle, connected with strings that tie at the neck and back. The Halter top has the same shape, but it uses more fabric. It is basically worn by those with a larger bust to keep them from 'falling out'. The Bandeau is a slender tube top, which fastens in the middle of the back, with or without ties to the neck.
The Bikini Book

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Beach themes decorating tips

When considering a new decor theme for any room, there are 3 things you should think about:
- the colors, the furniture and the accessories. Here are some tips on how to pull together a beach theme in your home using these 3 elements.


Any good beach decorating theme should blend in the colors of the beach. Sky and ocean blues, sandy beiges and sunshine yellows look authentic. However, a white color scheme accented with blue and yellow pillows and accessories can look good too. One fun idea is to paint the ceiling a yellow shade with the walls a light blue and use beige colored rugsIf you are on a budget, go to your local dollar store for beach themed items such as pictures and other little decorative nic nacs. It is cheap plus it makes a huge impact on any room.


Got an old kitchen table that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the decor? Then why not give it a coat of paint and then add some character by sanding it down a little to give it a rustic look. If you have to buy new furniture then check out some of your local second hand shops:
- you can often get nice furniture items for a fraction of the price.

Some wicker couches with slip covers are ideal and don't forget to include a few pillows. If you are decorating a kitchen, whitewashed wooden kitchen tables and chairs fit in perfectly with this theme.


Beach themed accessories can be really inexpensive. If you live by the coast, go for a trip to the beach and pick up some shells there.
Beach decorating can be fun and thrifty if you keep an eye out for a good bargain and know where to shop.
You can decorate with seashells from the dollar store. If you have a joining bathroom to your bedroom, you might want to decorate the side of your sink or bathtub with a little basket of shells or beach themed little specialty soaps.
Now go on and be creative!